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Pacific Practice Solutions is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Company providing end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management. Our KPO team retains highly-skilled professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the US payer adjudication systems and over eight years of experience in the complex US insurance payer/provider market.

✔ Medicare (Part A & B)
✔ Medicaid Programs
✔ Guam Commercial Payers, Calvo’s SC, Netcare, and Staywell.
✔ Commercial Payers, including Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, Anthem, etc. 
✔ Military Payers, Tricare, Triwest, and VA
✔ US Worker’s Compensation Payers

Our turnkey billing services are highly developed and designed to optimize your revenue cycle performance from front to back.

Our team is highly specialized in the complex billing and documentation requirements of the local commercial payers, and the Guam/Saipan Medicaid programs. We help you navigate these requirements, improve claim submission TAT, and minimize rejections and denials. We provide you with transparent reporting on monthly A/R, denial statistics/trends, and offer on-demand ad-hoc reporting.

We understand the time-zone challenges of working with Guam, Hawaii and US Mainland. Our teams work 24 X 7 providing flex support for both Guam and US Mainland-based insurance payers. We provide a Guam-based highly skilled Client Service Manager who can address your billing issues immediately and can be on-site the same day. We can provide training and development for your pre-registration, scheduling, and clinical teams to assure documentation and compliance meet payer requirements.


What We Do


Maximize the practice revenue by high first pass claim ratio.


Medical coding done by proffessionals Certified from AAPC & AIHMA


Industry's finest transcriptionists are with us, giving 99.95 accuracy within TAT is on us.


If you are new practice or adding a new provider to your group, we take care  of your enrollment with the insurances companies.


Getting an incentive is always good.  This is a value add service from us !!

Accounts Receivable Management

Our focus is on designing application models to work on the root cause of denials and eliminating denials with the same reason.

Have Questions

Is your office in Guam?

Yes.  We are at:

Acanta Business Centre, Suite A213
962 Pale San Vitores Road
Tumon, GU 96913

Do you provide credentialing services with local insurances?

Yes.  We provide credentialing services for providers and practices who want to launch their new practices in Guam.  Credentialing services are provided for local insurance and US Mainland insurance companies.

Do you submit claims on paper for local insurances?

Yes. For insurance companies that do not accept online claims, we submit paper claims at their office.

Do you provide patient billing services?

Our services are inclusive of patient billing as well. We send out patient statements and follow up on them consistently. We also collect online payments.

Is there a monthly minimum amount?

There is no monthly minimum. There is no other extra fee involved.

Do you really have the long term viability?

Yes, we do. Pacific Practice Solutions is a company that is free of debts. We make certain that all our contracts and agreements are duly signed.

Do you possess the required infrastructure to handle my business processes?

Yes, we have the necessary infrastructure that can support your business locally in Guam. We have offices also in US Mainland.

What is the minimum educational qualification of your employees?

We only recruit people with a Bachelor’s degree. All the employees at Pacific Practice Solutions are graduates. All our employees are certified billers and coders and nurse practitioners with a minimum of 3+ years of experience.

Will it be cost effective, if outsourcing is done to Pacific Practice Solutions?

Pacific Practice Solutions offers only cost-effective service. We greatly save the expenditure in the customer’s capital budget to a great extent. Apart from saving nearly 50 to 60% of the reduction in costs, we will assist you with our more proficient workflow processes to generate more revenue.

How can I make sure that my data is fully protected?

We strictly adhere to the HIPAA compliance guidelines. A non- disclosure agreement will be duly signed by us with the customer. Likewise a non-disclosure bond will be properly signed with our staff. We use HIPAA complaint Amazon Web Servers. We do not use any storage devices in the Systems. To ensure safety and security all our systems and e-mails are protected with passwords. Our premises is thoroughly installed with surveillance cameras.

Do you provide Practice Management Software?

Yes.  We provide Practice Management Software as part of our service.

Can I have a single point of contact?

Every client of ours is assigned a billing manager to handle their account.

Guam & Saipan Medical Billing

We are the only billing company on Guam with 8 plus years of experience specializing in Guam & Saipan Medicaid billing.  We know how the insurance companies like Calvo’s, Netcare, Staywell, Takecare and others work on Guam.  We have been successful in negotiating contracts and getting payments on time.  We understand the time difference between Guam and US Mainland and our teams work 24 X 7 providing support for both Guam and US Mainland based insurance companies. 

About Us

Pacific Practice Solutions provides complete RCM services, which include but are not limited to Patient Account Creation, Medical Insurance Eligibility Check, Authorizations, Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing,  Insurance collections, Reporting, Analtyics.  We also provide enrollment and contracting services for Medicare, Guam Medicaid, US & Guam Commercial payers, and Military payers.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Whether you’re looking for an RCM partner, a support team to manage your group’s business functions, or a team of experts to advise and help grow your practice – Pacific has everything you need under one roof. 


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Why Pacific Practice Solutions




  • Our office is in Tumon, Guam.
  • We have 15+ years of experience in Medical Billing with Guam Local Payers, Calvo’s, Staywell, Netcare, and Takecare.
  • We also work with payers in US Mainland.
  • We can submit your claims on paper if required to the local insurance payers.
  • A dedicated expert account manager is locally available and always at your service.
  • We know how to get claims passed on the first submission.  Our ability to get the claims passed on the first go helps providers get revenue at a faster turnaround time.
  • We work on the root cause analysis of denials.  We work on developing business intelligence reports and automation of denials management.

Reporting – CMS Incentives


Compliant with HIPAA guidelines

Free EMR / PM

24 x 7 Workflow

AHIMA / AAPC certified Professionals

EHR / PMs we work with

At Pacific we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.



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Guam / Saipan Office:
962 Pale San Vitores Road
Acanta Business Centre, Suite A213
Tumon, GU 96913

US Office:
3500 S Dupont Hwy, Suite 300
Dover, DE 19901


M-F: 8am – 10pm
S-S: Closed

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